Mini vegetable garden
at Maria Francisca Diniz Frech Nursery

In the village of Visconde de Mauá, since March 2021, children learn from an early age that it is possible to produce their own food...

On November 18, 2022, the daycare's mini vegetable garden was restarted after interruption due to construction work at the site. In this new phase, in addition to planting in various types of artifacts - showing that we can plant anywhere - we inaugurated the new beds.

Above, a lot of attention to understand the whole process, starting with soil turning over and fertilizing with compost. Below, everyone wants to sow, everyone wants to water...
Below, on that day we only prepared the first new bed. which was turned over, fertilized, planted with chive seedlings and lettuce and carrot seeds, and watered.
On the right, at the end of the activity, the ground was covered with grass clippings to keep the moisture

Previous activities
Above: In March, 2021, we started the minigarden by growing in bags, 5 liter mineral water bottles, 20 liter margarine buckets and other utensils capable of holding enough soil are used to produce the vegetables.
Below: the children learn in practice and in theory what is happening in the garden, and they realize that the phenomenon of life that makes the plants grow is the same they are experiencing.

Above: growing lettuce....
Below: including lettuce and beets in the lunch salad.

Below: installation of a wire mesh composter to produce compost from fruit peels and cut grass. Children are already knowing more about the plant world than many adults out there....