Students' Group of Socio-Environmetal Practices in Bocaina de Minas, MG, Brazil

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The Students' Group of Socio-Environmental Practices was created in 2017 in the municipality of Bocaina de Minas (MG) by teachers and students of the Alvaro Benfica Municipal School and the João Severo State School, with the partnership of volunteers - including former students and former teachers - to develop actions of interest for the socio-environmental development of the region that can be replicated in other municipalities.

The most specific and urgent objective of the project is to give young people the opportunity to prepare themselves to manage their municipality when they become adults, facing socio-environmental conditions that we already anticipate as especially difficult.
The focus of the practices prioritizes composting and school and urban agriculture, associated with environmental and ethics education.

This preparation for the future includes training in community management actions and participatory governance, such as needs assessment, project design, building coalitions, fundraising, volunteer work, leadership development, project monitoring and evaluation, entrepreneurship and income generation, reporting, communication, use of social networks, etc.
Above, Group of Practices' students composting and fertilizing.
Below, students teaching children about composting

Projects accomplished or in progress
in 2017
Agriculture and composting: apr - jun - aug - sep - nov - dec
Video-research "Histórias de Bocaina contadas pelos antigos"
Creation of Grupo de Práticas page on Facebook

in 2018
Agriculture and composting: apr1 - apr2 - apr3 - may1 - may2 - may3 - jun1 - jun2 - jul1 - jul2 - aug1 - aug2 - aug3 - sept1 - out1 - nov2 Video on composting to vie for the
Olimpíada Brasiliera de Saúde e Meio Ambiente
in 2019
Agriculture and composting: 15feb - 20feb - 28feb - 15mar - 20mar - 28mar - 30mar - 03apr - 17apr - 04may - 09may - 15may - 29may - 12june

Ideas and proposals under discussion
Capacitation, volunteering, leadership development
Book: Liderança e elaboração de projetos
Ethics education (method): O Caráter Conta!
Sebrae: programa capacita jovens para liderar ações sociais
Ideas for income generation
Sebrae: Três soluções para estimular o empreendedorismo juvenil
Thesis: Empreendedorismo juvenil rural
Proposal: produce and sell organic vegetables and eggs

Participants and activities
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