Introducing composting to the State High School and the Municipal Elementary School's students in Bocaina de Minas

(Bocaina is a small and poor municipality in Minas Gerais state, included in the Mantiqueira Environmental Protection Area for its rich natural biodiversity)
April 12, 2017                                                                                           Leia o original em portuguÍs     

Above, the first lecture, on composting and urban agriculture to the State High School students and starting the "April heap". Below, the second lecture, with the same objective, to another class of the State High School

Below, the third presentation (for younger students from the Municipal Elementary School), always talking about organic residues, soil fertility, urban agriculture, healthy food and their future.

On the left, Adding cow dung to the heap.
On the right, the School kitchen's team learning how to sort the raw organic residues we need.

Below, a boy overcomes the shyness typical of their age and discovers that composting can be fun...