Grupo de Trabalho de Resíduos Sólidos - GTRS
Conselho da APA Federal da Serra da Mantiqueira - CONAPAM

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Introducing decentralized composting in Delfim Moreira, MG
First visit to the pilot-neighborhood

On May 6, 2016 was held the first contact of the project team with residents of Vila Rica neighborhood, chosen for being the pilot of the composting practice implementation process in the municipality.

The neighborhood gathers about 50 houses in a low-income community where live about 350 people,

Seven houses were visited to allow the initial assessment of project viability.
Visitation prioritized the homes where there were signs of interest in vegetable and / or ornamental plants.
In each house visited, the residents - after seeing a photo album showing what are organic wastes and how to turn them into fertilizer through composting - answered a short questionnaire about how they handle their trash and if they would be interested in learning the practice.
All residents interviewed declared their interest in transforming organic wastes into fertilizer for their plants.

A new visitation was scheduled for June 2, when there will be a composting workshop on site 2 (see below), and distributed composters made of welded wire mesh for the seven families already enrolled.

From these early families, the practice will be expanded to all Vila Rica neighborhood, stimulating not only the home composting as well as the community composting in microcenters installed in sites 1 and 2 (see below).

Attended the visitation Juliane Coura (Municipal Secretary of Agriculture and Environment), Rhayane Andrade (intern Roge Foundation in Delfim Moreira), Maira Maia (of the APA Federal da Serra da Mantiqueira team), Rebeca Mendes (environmental
educator of Itamonte  municipal team), and Joaquim Moura (volunteer).

Above left, the location of the municipality of Delfim Moreira (Minas Gerais) in the APA of Mantiqueira, and its location in Brazil.  To the right, the location of the pilot neighborhood, Vila Rica, in the urban center of  Delfim.
map and satellite view of the pilot neighborhood.

Above, overview of the neighborhood streets.
Below, Maira Maia, from the APA of Mantiqueira's team, talks to a resident farming food her small backyard.

Small vegetable and flower gardens were observed in almost all the yards and even on the sidewalk in front of a house..

Below, two non-edifying sites in the community that can get a community composting microcenter.

Two views of tlocal 1, at the beginning of the high end of the community.

Below, in the highest part of the community, local 2 is slightly larger.