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Meeting in Delfim Moreira MG
March 29, 2016


The purpose of this meeting with Delfim Moreira's municipal health agents was talk about composting and its benefits, and on its participation in the Department of Agriculture and Environment project to spread the practice in the region.

These agents regularly visit the city's houses and know the residents, families and local businesses, and form the main vector for spreading composting in Delfim Moreira.

After all, caring for the proper disposal of organic waste on the environment, producing of natural fertilizer and fostering the consumption of locally produced vegetables are also linked to health issues.

Previous actions

Delfim Moreira was one of the nine municipalities that have accepted the proposal of the Federal APA of Mantiqueira sent in April 2014 to 30 municipalities in the region, offering them a partnership in the development of practical and effective solutions to reduce the volume of solid waste sent to local landfills, with special focus on the recycling of organic waste by composting.

Since then, some pilot initiatives have been implemented in Visconde de Mauá, region of the municipality of Resende RJ (which also joined APA's partnership proposal).
Recently Delfim Moreira became the second municipality included in APA da Mantiqueira to implement an urban composting project developed in a participatory way.

Next actions
  1. The Vila Rica neighborhood, in the southwest of of Delfim Moreira urban center, was chosen be the pilot.
    The site has few houses and a community garden, where a composting minicenter-pilot
    can be installed.

  2. In the visitation of homes, an album with photos of composting and the use of compost in pots and flowerbeds will be time, it will be applied A brief questionnaire on waste generation and interest in participating in the project will be applied in each house or business, .

  3. The date of the visit is expected to happen before May.

  4. Interested people will then receive the necessary guidance to install and operate their composters properly.

  5. Develop a mini-project to enable community composting in the community garden, with partial support of a municipal employee.

Above, Juliane Coura, Secretary of Agriculture and Environment of Delfim Moreira, opened the meeting held at the Cultural History Museum of the city.

The practice of composting and its benefits for nature, population and municipal finances were described by Joaquim Moura and discussed by all.
Below, the participants were able to clarify their doubts about the recycling of household organic waste and how to introduce composting in urban neighborhoods around the city center. The idea is to primarily focus on the houses where there are flower or vegetable gardens and also create a community composting minicenter

Copies of the information-motivator brochure prepared in Resende RJ were distributed with instructions for the safe practice of urban composting.