Grupo de Trabalho de Resíduos Sólidos - GTRS
Conselho da APA Federal da Serra da Mantiqueira - CONAPAM
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Planning the meeting in Delfim Moreira

Draw up a basic design community compost that can be replicated in other municipalities in the APA of Mantiqueira and intermunicipal consortium CIMASAS
Secretary of Environment Delfim Moreira, Working Group members Solid Waste Council of APA of Mantiqueira - GTRS-CONAPAM and environment secretaries of municipalities included in the APA that have accepted our proposal of partnership (April / 2014) and municipalities of Minas Gerais state outside the APA but participating in the inter-municipal consortium CIMASAS with Delfim Moreira, to share more technical and expensive landfill in Itajubá  
January 28, 2015
From 13:30 to 17:00 h
Historical and Cultural Museum of Delfim Moreira (Old Railway Station)
13:30 h
Presentation of the pilot-project of composting developed in Visconde de Mauá

14:15 h
Presentation and discussion of other models or composting initiatives

15:00 h

15:15 h
Participatory assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the community composting

16:00 h
Drafting of a basic script of community composting to Delfim Moreira, adaptable to local realities of interested municipalities

  1. Invitation message (draft) to the municipalities of CIMASAS Consortium
  2. List of municipalities that make up CIMASAS with respective populations
  3. Map of the municipalities that make up CIMASAS
  4. Map of APA of Mantiqueira, highlighting the region CIMASAS
  5. Invitation letter (draft) from the APA to the municipalities of the APA who agreed with our proposal in 2014
  6. General information about Delfim Moreira (area, population etc.)
  7. Information on waste management in Delfim Moreira
  8. Map of Delfim Moreira - urban area
  9. Satellite view of Delfim Moreira - urban area

1. Invitation-message (draft) from the Environment Secretary of Delfim Moreira to municipalities of the Intermunicipal Consortium of the microregion of Alto Sapucai that share a landfill in Itajubá

Dear Secretaries of the municipalities that make up the CIMASAS Consorcium

In order to reduce the volume of waste disposed of by the city in the municipal landfill, we are organizing a meeting in partnership with the Working Group on Solid Waste Advisory Council of the Federal APA of Mantiqueira on 28th January at 14, no .... in Delfim Moreira, MG.

This meeting is another step in the APA effort and some local governments to disseminate viable and effective practices that produce great results from resources that already exist locally available - either on the official level, the municipal public agencies, whether at the level of community, associations, volunteers etc.

The purpose of the meeting is to better understand the pilot project "I reduce garbage", the GTRS in partnership with the city of Resende, in place since 2014 in Visconde de Mauá region and recently awarded "Best Practices in Solid Waste Management" for the program "Sustainable Road", a partnership between CCR (concessionaire of the Via Dutra Rio-São Paulo) with AGEVAP (Agency of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin). The focus is on composting of organic solid waste (primarily food scraps and pruning remains) as close as possible to where they are generated, with alternatives in domestic or community levels.

Secondly, we will explore ways of how to adapt AoEs in Visconde de Mauá (and others) in a suitable model for Delfim Moreira - you want to use the fertilizer produced in planting native tree seedlings around the springs and along the rivers of region.

The decentralized composting of organic waste (corresponding to 50% of the total waste generated) is a remedy, please increasingly adopted in the world to reduce expenses in the collection, transportation and final disposião of this waste, cut emissions of greenhouse gases, prolong useful life of landfills and produce a valuable resource for the community and the environment.


Juliane Coura
Secretary of Environment of Delfim Moreira MG

2. Municipalities that make up the Consortium CIMASAS and their populations

3. Map of the municipalities of CIMASAS - all from the state of Minas Gerais

4. Map of the APA of Mantiqueira highlighting the area of the municipalities of CIMASAS

5. Invitation-letter (draft) from the Head of the APA to the municipalities-partners since April 2014
Dear Mayor,

As is known by you, on April 3, 2014 this APA sent a letter to the municipal governments that integrate the region offering them the collaboration of their staff and volunteers gathered at the Working Group on Solid Waste of the Advisory Council of the Federal APA of Mantiqueira, to reduce the volume of waste sent to municipal landfills, through innovative and effective actions, with special focus on decentralized composting - domestic or community - of organic waste.

On ... .. 2014, we received from your City Hall a letter  ../ 2014 signed by ..., expressing interest in participating in the proposed partnership, along with eight other municipalities in the region.

Since then, we have been developing, in partnership with the city of Resende, RJ, a pilot-project in Visconde de Mauá region, which has accumulated enough experience to have some of their initiatives analyzed and replicated in other locations.

Currently, the City of Delfim Moreira, MG, is preparing to implement initiatives with the same objective in order to use the fertilizer produced for the young trees that will be needed for its reforestation project of the water sources in the municipality.

In this sense, we invite you or a representative of this city to attend the next meeting of the Working Group, scheduled for January 28, 2016, at 13:00 hours in the Historical and Cultural Museum of Delfim Moreira, when we will evaluate the results obtained in Visconde de Mauá and discuss with representatives of local government the introduction of the practice of composting in a pilot neighborhood in that municipality.

Hoping to count on the participation of important ... this effort to transform pollutants and costly waste resources and valuable nutrients, we put ourselves at the disposal to settle any doubt and, if necessary, signing a Term of Cooperation, Partnership either that the Municipality deems necessary.
(PS .: this final was copied from the previous message from the Head of the APA to the municipalities).


Municipalities that responded positively to the invitation in April 2014:
  • Aiuruoca    Ofício 030/2014 signed by Valquíria Paula da Silva, Secretária Municipal SEDESA, on 15/04/2014
  • Baependi    E-mail signed by Ályca Ferreira – Departamento de Turismo e Meio Ambiente, on 09/06/2014
  • Delfim Moreira    Carta signed by José Fernando Coura, prefeito, on 28/04/2016
  • Itanhandu    Ofício 022/2014 signed by Joaquim Evangelista Silva,  prefeito, and Fernando Fonseca, secretário de Meio Ambiente, on 29/04/2016
  • Passa Quatro    Ofício 113/2014 signed by Paulo José de Almeida Brito, prefeito, on 29/04/2014
  • Pindamonhangaba    Ofício 40/14 signed by Edargê Marcondes Filho, diretor de Licenciamento Ambiental e Urbanismo, on 26/05/2014
  • Piquete    Ofício 166/2014 signed by Ana Maria de Gouvêa, prefeita, on 29/05/2014
  • Resende    Ofício 0197/AMAR/2014 signed by Wilson Moura, presidente da AMAR, on 25/04/2014
  • Virgínia    Ofício 02/2014, signed by Hermano Santana Reis, diretor do Departamento de Meio Ambiente e Agricultura, on 06/05/2014

8. Map of Delfim Moreira - urban area

9. Satelitte view of Delfim Moreira - urban area