Composting workshop in Delfim Moreira
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On March 22, 2016, at the Municipal School Filomena Peixoto Faria in Delfim Moreira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, was held the first practical activity of our project - which aims to introduce the practice of composting in the city.

After the presentation to about 80 young people on the importance of composting, the first compost was started, using a welded wire mesh. The idea is to compost all raw vegetable waste generated in the school kitchen.

The evaluation by Juliane Coura
Municipal Secretary of Agriculture and Environment of Delfim Moreira

I am very grateful to Joaquim's availability and attention to Delfim Moreira at this stage of workshops in the city, his voluntary presence and availablity by email and telephone.

The direction of the school and the students loved his participation. I was in the afternoon with the Principal Marina Faria and she told me she liked the approach to composting made with the students. She also told that many students who did not follow the practical part were visiting the area to see how happened to the organic wastes. This initial process aroused much curiosity among the students.

A class will be following the evolution of the process and I encouraged the Principal to shot these and other activities of environmental education undertaken, so we could edit them later and publicize the work of the School.

Hugs to all! Juliane

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