Club of Socioenvironmental Practices
at Marquês de Sapucaí State (High) School

Delfim Moreira, MG

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Objectives and practices
Ongoing accions
Proposed accions
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Introducing composting in Delfim Moreira's webpage
Projeto na APA Federal da Serra da Mantiqueira

Ongoing accions Proposed accions
  • Organizing the members of the Club of Practices
    Spread the Club's proposals and invitation, and register the interested students.
    It is important that everyone informs the data requested in the Registration Form.
    It is very important that you inform the neighborhood you live for future actions

    It is also relevant to inform what you have more interest to do or to learn, in order to create opportunities to develop your skills

  • Organizing communication channels on the internet
    A Facebook group? A Whatsapp group?

  • Information about the composting project
    It is important that everyone knows our composting system for home yards

    Involve students who live in the pilot neighborhoods of the composting project: Vila Rica, Caquende, Santa Cruz, Santa Terezinha
  • All participants are invited to give ideas on how to organize and streamline the activities of our Club of Practices..

  • The communication between us is the secret of our success. If you like computers, applications, networking, please notify us to see how you can help organize our channels of information exchanging.

  • Who likes to write, draw, photograph, and want to develop these practices, please appear... We will need a lot of these skills to reach the communities..

  • All our actions will be organized in order to help young people develop their talents and abilities, preparing them to participate in the governance of their communities quite soon.

  • The actions will also motivate young people in the pursuit of excellence in everything they do - which will help also in their future professional and personal life.