Grupo de Práticas Socioambientais
Escola Municipal Alvaro Benfica e Escola Estadual Cônego João Severo
Bocaina de Minas MG  
Reg. n# _________

Your name:______________________________________________________________________________________

Grade: _________   Turn:  __________   Neighborhood:__________________________________________________

Telephone(s) WhatzApp:____________________________________________________________________________

E-mail:  _________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you like to do that might be in the interest of your group, neighborhood, community, school etc.?


What would you like to do or learn that would help you develop skills that will work for you in the future?


How many hours per week (on what days) would you like to dedicate to group activities?


List below the three areas of practical activities that interest you most

1. (    )  Biological sciences, ecology, agronomy, agroecology
2. (    )  Human sciences, social sciences, communication, environmental education
3. (    )  Arts - plastic, literature, music, poetry, theater, graphic design
4. (    )  Technologies & sciences -
programming, webdesign, interactivity, engineering, alternative technologies
5. (    )  Youth Entrepreneurship, Income Generation, Solidarity Economy
6. (    )  Development of community leadership, project design, group work, participatory governance
7. (    )  Your suggestion: